Physics Courses on the Web

The University of Tennessee

Marianne Breinig, Professor of Physics


Current Courses (Spring 2015):

bulletPhysics 136, Introduction to Physics II
bulletPhysics 221a, Elements of Physics I
bulletPhysics 221b, Elements of Physics I
bulletPhysics 221, Core
bulletPhysics 421, Modern Optics
bulletPhysics 514, Problems in Theoretical Physics I



Courses from Previous Semesters:

bulletPhysics 101, How Things Work
bulletPhysics 135, Introduction to Physics I
bulletPhysics 222, Elements of Physics II
bulletPhysics 222, Core
bulletPhysics 490, Seminar, Preparing for the GRE
bulletPhysics 513, Problems in Theoretical Physics I
bulletPhysics 250, Modern Physics
bulletFreshmen Seminar
bulletPhysics 521, Quantum Mechanics I
bulletPhysics 522, Quantum Mechanics II



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bulletVideo Analysis on the Web
bulletUT Physics Summer Fellows


bulletUTK Homepage
bulletPhysics Department Homepage

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