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2024 UT Physics Summer Research Program
Department of Physics/University of Tennessee

A completed application includes this application form (paste it into a ,Word document), a current transcript or academic history, three letters of recommendation and an short essay describing your career goals and interest in science. These materials should be emailed to:

Professor Marianne Breinig
Department of Physics
University of Tennessee
Knoxville, TN 37996-1200

Name ______________________________________

Date of Birth ___________ Birthplace _________________

Citizenship__________ If other than U.S., provide visa_________

Present Address

Street _________________________________

City, State, Zip ___________________________ 

Phone (___) _____________________________

email ___________________________________

Permanent Address

Street ___________________________________

City, State, Zip ____________________________

Phone (___)_____________________________

References (Names and addresses of three people you have asked to send letters of recommendation)




Name of your College or University ________________________

Overall Grade Point Average __________ with A=3.0___ 4.0 ___

Current Academic Year: __Freshman, __Sophomore,__Junior,__Senior

Projected College Graduation Date _______________________

Preferred Research Areas

1. __________________________


Signature______________________ Date ___________